Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Digital Love

I just about forgot to blog today. I was so distracted with internship applications and filing my taxes... that remembering to post an entry would have completely fallen through the cracks. Good looking out, Kimi! Thanks for the reminder. :)

But because I'm not done with my taxes (which I really SHOULD finish now since I'm so close), I'm going to do that first before I finish writing this. It's not cheating if I haven't actually gone to bed yet. On that note...


EDIT: 12:27 a.m.

Okay I'm back. Man, I LOVE the Internet. It's times like this when I just marvel at the convenience the digital age has brought to the world. I realize now how HUGELY and RIDICULOUSLY dependent I am on it, especially while living abroad.

If not for the Internet, how would I possibly have been able to file my taxes in less than an hour from the UK? How would I be able to search for American and British internships from the convenience of my bedroom, not to mention submit my applications, cover letters and resumes?

How would I be able to talk to my friends and family for FREE, as well as see their lovely faces in nearly real-time accuracy? How could I browse through a book store's entire collection whilst lying in my bed?

How would I possibly keep up to date with important news from all over the world, acquire new music instantly, do research, watch TV, BLOG, search for recipes, check the weather, confirm travel directions, book plane tickets and hotels, share photographs, manage my finances, order pizza, make restaurant reservations or ask my housemate if he's got any spare sugar without having to go knock on his door? It's absolutely amazing how many every-day things I do that are directly dependent on the availability of the Internet...

It might seem a little lame, but I've got a huge respect for it. Kudos to you, World Wide Web!

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Kimberly said...

you're so on it doing your taxes so early! Too bad our bankrupt state won't be paying us until waaay down the line! :-(

And the internet=addictively amazing. It makes me wonder what can possibly come next for the upcoming generation of kids...