Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The feeling that you gave me

Anybody could scroll through my iTunes music library and discover that I have eclectic taste. I like a variety of music... from classic Beatles, to indie kids like Death Cab, to mega-popstars like Michael Jackson.

But there are only a few artists that I can really call exceptional. I think that in order to fit into that category, the music needs to be timeless and have the ability to penetrate the soul like some sort of spiritual epiphany. One artist that does just that for me: Jack White.

I know that I talk quite a bit about Jack - but I can't help it. Every time he comes out with something new, whether it's with The White Stripes or The Raconteurs.. or some solo project, I'm amazed even more at how infinite his ability is as a musician. The man understands music, and the soul - and he just shares it with the world.

I saw The Raconteurs live for the 2nd time over the weekend @ The Joint /Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. They are incredible.

Of all the concerts I've been to - which number somewhere in the hundreds in my lifetime, I don't think I've ever felt closer to being an ACTUAL PART of the music than when I saw The Raconteurs this weekend.

Me and seven of my friends made the trek out to sin city to see them and somehow secured a spot inside The Joint that was right up against the stage. I swear Jack made eye contact with me and gave me a smile during "Steady as she goes." I know that was a really groupie-thing to say, but fuck it - let me dream.

"If you lose all your money, break all the windows in the hotel on your way out." - Jack White

Anyway, their show was flawless. The set list couldn't have been better. If there were any mistakes, nobody heard them. They played the crowd as well as their own instruments and for the most part - it felt like we were all stuck in a giant amplifier, putting out the sound of perfection as one autonomous thing. I don't mean to make this sound romanticized at all... it's just how I felt.

There was one particular moment that I will never forget. Right after Jack's spontaneous guitar solo in "Blue Veins," this look came over his face that so exemplified what their band had just done to everyone in the crowd. It was that "I know I just got you off" kind of look. He knew it... they were manipulating everything that was going on at that moment - and the room might as well have imploded right there.

I really look forward to the next time I see these guys. And I am so glad they exist, because they really know how to make their audience a part of their music, not just bystanders.

And in general, what Jack White can do with his guitar and his voice makes me feel fulfilled in a way that's a bit difficult to fully describe. I believe that there's a common connection between people and things. By nature, I think that we're all a part of each other. And no other force besides incredible music, especially what comes out of Jack White, reminds me of that feeling.