Saturday, September 27, 2008

IV: Let's Build a Home

I know this is a bit late, but some of you have been asking to see some pictures of my humble abode. I was waiting a little bit because my room was quite plain for a while, and so I wanted to do some things to make it a bit more "me" before I showed it to everyone. So I put up a bunch of pictures, which are strategically located on just about every wall. That way, I can wake up and/or come home to all your happy, shining faces.

So without further ado, Greetings from Stamford Hill and Linthorpe Road!

This is a picture of the intersection at Stamford Hill Road (and some other streets that I still don't know the name of). It's just up the street from me and is where I catch the buses to either go west to Manor House tube station, or south to Shoreditch.

My house is about a 4-minute walk from bus stops in either direction. Here's the front. The two windows on the top right belong to me:

And upon entering the big red door on the right side of the house, the kitchen is down a few steps and immediately to the right. Meet Katherine and Simon, two of my lovely housemates (sorry, I didn't realize it was kinda' blurry):

Out the back door (from the kitchen) is our garden. This picture was taken from the other end looking at the house... obviously:

Then you come back into the house, up a couple small flights of stairs and to my bedroom. I swear it's really not as messy as it might look, it's just very small in here. The mismatched tile and wallpaper don't really help it either. But it's home and I like it. :) This is looking left when I come in through the door:

Then, the perpendicular wall to the right of that is this:

Look to the right again and you've got my sink (my favorite feature of this room) and the tiny wardrobe...

There's actually more wall space to the right of this, but it's just got a small mirror and a radiator. Nothing too exciting.

So there you go, I might put up more pictures of other places in the house later on, but it's night time here now and consequently kinda' dark. It would probably be better to wait until there's some sunlight coming in.

In other news, I had some coffee with a friend today and we decided to do a little bit of sight-seeing. In case you're wondering, I don't recommend going to Trafalgar Square on the weekend because you have tourists AND locals crowding it. Now we know.

We came here to see the National Gallery, which is perfect for poor students because the UK has this thing about keeping the major museums free for the public. No photos inside, I'm afraid. But I got to see some famous works by Van Gogh, Botticelli, Monet, etc. I only wish I knew more about art history.

And here's a little something I wanted to add for good form. The UK supports Obama... even in the tube.

Sorry it's not much of an update, but I suppose the whole point was to show pictures of my place. So there you go.

Until we meet again...

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