Saturday, August 23, 2008


The end of summer and the beginning of fall always seems to come with a rushed sense of celebration. So many of my friends, including myself, have birthdays during this time. And maybe, even though most of us aren't in school anymore, there's something about the end of summer that requires some last minute fun, before the cold sets in and things get serious again.

Yet no matter how much older I get each year, I'm glad to say that I still enjoy celebrating. Today is Aleem's birthday. Yesterday was his party at Candlelight Lounge. Despite the overpriced drinks and general bad attitude of many of the bouncers (towards the guys, at least), it wasn't a bad time.

The best thing about birthdays is that we can act as young as we feel. And while strangers may look at us and judge, perhaps jealously, that we're acting immature and foolish, it really doesn't matter what they think.

What matters is that we're enjoying life and remembering to celebrate the good times, even as we grow older...

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