Monday, March 24, 2008

Still frames in your mind...

Cheers to some of the best memories a person could ever ask for:

-Fried eggs, couch beds and watching Arsenio Hall
-Living room fort-tents dangerously held up by stacks of books and statues
-Bean bag businesses
-Bicycle face-plants and running into campers because of loose chains
-David the Gnome
-N'Sync choreography
-Chicken nugget black eyes
-Airborn, the movie... Devil's Backbone
-Suggity Suggity Suh Poh Poh
-Pusoy Dos tournaments
-Summer camping trips
-Pool slides and broken bones
-playing it off all cool...
-Being soda-drunk and not understanding solitaire
-Too many people in one cabin, but loving every minute of it.
-"That one time when we sat around reminiscing..."
-Jessica Pesci
-animal mating calls
-homemade horror movies
-the care bear room and the red bunk bed
-late-night delirious laughing
-screwballs and big sticks.. 50 cents for the ice cream man
-monkey-climbing the hallway walls
-lying to your parents thinking that they'll actually believe you
-bloody mary in the bathroom
-scary stories
-white board poop comics
-toejam and earl
-fortune cookie hair
-Jill of the Jungle and Carmen Sandiego
-looking back at everything and being thankful for NOT having the Internet

To my dearest fambam... thanks for all the great memories.

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