Saturday, January 12, 2008

Whistle For the Choir

I was having lunch with some friends one day when this stranger caught my eye as he walked into the restaurant. He was hardly what average people would call attractive, but I was initially drawn to him because he had beautiful eyes and super curly, long hair - similar to that of the lead singer of Hot Hot Heat.

Still, as he kept getting closer I noticed how average he was. As soon as he passed my immediate line of vision, I was pretty much over him. And then I thought to myself (and simultaneously blurted out to my friends)... I am just not easily impressed anymore.

Where did this new development come from, I wondered. My friend James agreed with me... he's just not easily impressed by people anymore either.

So is it the fact that there is a significant lack of "head-turners" nowadays or is it just that people are so damn average now that it seems like very few people are worth getting to know?

I think I'm finally starting to notice a REAL trend in terms of who I'm attracted to (not just romantically, but for friendships too)... the ones who have a story to tell, the ones who are slightly crazy, the ones who are smart and the ones that "average" people tend to overlook because of their differences.

As the Fratellis say... So if you're crazy... I don't care, you amaze me...

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