Wednesday, July 9, 2008

III: Island Hopping

I'll have to make this short because I have about 12 minutes left until my Internet time is over.

We took a boat tour of the nearby islands yesterday. Our boat-guy, Che-Che took us around to a spot off the coast where we could snorkel. There are thousands of fish in the water, and they come right up to you if you have a piece of bread. They swarm right to your hand and eat the bread out of your fingers. It's kinda' creepy at first, but they're pretty harmless.

We went to another island called Crystal Cove... for 150 pesos (about $3) each, you can go cave swimming. There were two caves we visited and it was the most surreal feeling being in there. The water was so clear, and sometimes a bat or two would fly above your head.

At Puka Beach, we had "merienda," or afternon snack. As soon as our boat came ashore, merchants with their baskets full of handmade jewelry come up and sit next to you.. trying to sell their goods. If you express the least amount of interest, at least 5 more come up to try and compete.

At one point, a little boy came up to me and offered me a puka shell. And in return, I gave him 1 piso. The thing is, after you give one kid money, you have to give them all money. So my mom and I gave them each 1 piso. It's crazy how they even try to hussle you. One kid was asking me for money after my mom had already given him some.

On my agenda for today: jet skiing and a ride on the banana boat. I hope I don't get any more sunburnt than I did yesterday.

Mosquito bite count: 13, tan level: darker than average.

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